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Gary Barlow on stage at Burnsall Village Hall

Girls is a new musical based on the local story of the Calendar Girls. With music by Gary Barlow and script by Tim Firth (who wrote the screen and stage play), Burnsall Village Hall was chosen for the initial trial performances of the musical.

The new show starred well known faces from our TV screens, and each of the five performances received standing ovations. Gary Barlow and Tim Firth appeared on stage at the end of each performance. The musical is now being adapted based on the feedback from the audiences, and will see its premier at Leeds Grand Theatre in November 2015.

Jack and the Beanstalk- 28.02.2013 to 02.03.2013

Well, there was booing and hissing, cheering, singing, a dancing cow and a copious amount of laughter backstage and from the sellout audience's at this years panto, Jack and the Beanstalk. There was real drama also as the curtain rope snapped and the backstage crew became the official stars of the first night, taking to the stage to open and close the curtains! All fixed by the second night and the mayhem continued in it's official capacity, with locals and visitors alike being unceremoniously picked on by the Dame, played by the false eyelash clad blonde bombshell that is Thod Gibson and being scared to death by a growling William Fry as the Ogre. Many reports back have said it was a fantastic production to see and we want to thank everyone who came to see it and all those involved for their time. Here's to next year!!

Happy New Year - 16.01.2013

Happy New Year to you all! We have an action packed spring and summer coming up at Burnsall Village Hall.; Blackheart will be playing on Sunday 27th January; Our panto rehearsals are in full swing for 'Jack and the Beanstalk' which will be taking place at the end of February/Early March and there will be a Table Top Sale (think carboot sale but in the warm and dry!) on March 16th! As well as our regular weekly events, we can confirm the return of Snake Davis in the Summer! It's all busy, busy, busy!!

New Website Launched - 15.08.2012

Burnsall Village Hall has just launched a new, updated and improved website.

Fundraising Ladies Lunch - 12.07.2012

The rain clouds parted and the sun gratiously shone down on another fantastic Ladies Lunch fundraiser this afternoon. Hosted at the Fort residence, 62 ladies from the area were treated to a wonderful homecooked buffet with wine and the chance to win some splendid raffle prizes. A wonderful opportunity for our ladies to get together and have a natter and even hold an authentic Olympic Torch which had been held by Grassington local and lunch guest Hanneke Dye as she ran through Harrogate!The day's events have raised over £1550 towards new curtains for the Hall. Thank you Ladies!!


Sarah Brickel Band - 21.06.2012

Burnsall Village Hall hosted a fantastic gig by the funky Soul-Jazz singer/songwriter Sarah Brickel as part of the Grassington Festival Fringe. Sarah and her husband Tim were married last year in the village and have become friends of the village and we jumped at the chance to have her perform at the hall. Laid out cafe style with candles and little tables, the hall took on the feel of an intimate little jazz club (minus the smokey atmosphere!) as the audience were treated to Sarah's stunning vocals and wonderful band performing fantastic original music from her album Music Box and some cover tracks which Sarah and band gave the full Brickel treatment. A fantastic evening's music - we hope to see her again in the future! For more info on all things Sarah, go to www.sarahbrickel.com


Snake Davis Band - 16.06.2012

The torrential rain that has hit the Dales couldn't dampen the spirits of those lucky enough to be in the hall tonight as BVH opened it's doors to the saxophone legend that is Snake Davis. Snake is a friend of local man Robert Fort and between them they have been planning this evening for years - and what an evening it was. In conjunction with the Grassington Festival, Snake came to the stage armed with his astonishing band members and a mind boggling array of flutes, pipes and saxophones and treated the 120 strong audience to an intimate and full on gig - the audience were enthralled, they got up and danced and even sang along to Snake's pitch perfect rendition of Prince's classic 'Purple Rain' (try saying that last sentence very fast!). We were also treated to the up and coming talent of a 13 year old saxophone student, Calvin Allen-Jubin, who had driven with his family from Croydon that day so he could attend the Snake Davis Saxophone workshop held at the hall earlier in the afternoon. So taken with the youngsters professionalism and natural talent, Snake asked him to join him on stage this evening and being the genuinely supportive and generous man he is, Snake accompanied Calvin in many numbers to rapturous applause from the gathered crowd who realised they were witnessing a future star in the making. It was a genuinely wonderful evening - and he's pencilled in to our diary to be back next year!! Keep your fingers crossed! For more info on Snake and his tour dates visit www.snakedavis.com.



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